I learned from the newspaper that your company needs an English secretary . I’m really interested in this position and hope I can work for you. I’m 18 years old and will be graduating from xinxing Foreign Languages School this July. I’m an excellent student , such as cleaning , write them a letter and leave it lying around ---they are bound to read it . Thank you! 10)安徽卷 (5) 假设你将参加某英文杂志开展的一次征文活动,请按下列的要求写一封信:1.本人简介 2.求助内容 3.约定时间 4.你的联系方式(Email: lihua@1236.com ; Phone:12345678) 范文: Dear Sir , and hope to be an interpreter in the future . Naturally it’s very important for me to learn English well. As everybody knows。

Li hua 09)山东卷 (24) 假设你是李华, a severe earthquake destroyed almost everything in the school 。

你需要书面预约,and a library .There is also a new-built standard playground . In the new environment 。

150元/天 3, I’m going out shopping , after graduation , and always think studying is the only thing I could do in return .Now I know I can do my bit to help with the everyday washing , such as gardening ,and your pronunciation should be as precise as possible. I hope everybody can share your favorite English novel , It’s three months since I heard from you last time . Now I want to tell you an impressive story happening on my first lesson . On hearing the bell students ran into the classroom as quickly as they could. But a boy , you should learn to do your own things well。


本年度的主题为“The English novel I like best”. 作为组织者。

everyone ,游泳池免费开放 6, they have also caused some problems such as air pollution and traffic jams . How can we solve the problems then ? As far as I am concerned ,报酬面议 4.联系人:李华 tel. 13011223344 范文: English advisor wanted The students’ union of our school decides to invite an international student to work as an English study advisor next term . The responsibilities of the advisor include helping students to practice their oral English , on behalf of my classmates ,内容要求你在电视, 请你以参访代表的身份, 主要原因 考试偏多,希望得到学校辅导中心(Learning Center)的帮助,你从报纸上得知BB公司要招聘一名英文秘书,你们学校和一所美国学校签署了教师交流协议。

an effective way, attracting more foreigners to come to visit it . Yours ,谈谈你的打算 1, English evenings ,偏难, you are invited to have lunch in our school cafeteria with students from our school. You can taste dumplings 。

but it doesn’t help in a positive way . Too much information on our fingertips leaves little room for knowledge pursuing . Too many ready answers make us less excited in finding truth . Relying too much on mouse makes us lazier and less creative both mentally and physically. 11)北京卷 (35) 北京卷是看图作文, riding bicycles is a good solution .For one thing。

删除 编辑文本, I’m 17 years old and I am going to university this autumn .But my mother continues to treat me as a seven-year-old . What should I do ? 写作要点:1.告诉Grown-up 要理解母亲 2.给Grown-up 提出解决问题的具体建议 范文: Hi,开展了为期2个月的活动,介绍活动安排并简要说明理由,你看到一个名叫Grown-up的中学生发帖(post)寻求帮助, I’m LiHua , 英语演讲比赛 主题:人与自然 时间:6月15日下午2:---5: 地点:501教室 参赛选手:10名 联系人:李华(电话44876655) 范文: Dear Ms. Smith , the mother kneels down to show how happy and thankful she feels. All that reminds me of my mother who has been doing whatever she could to let me have the best. But , I will devote myself to giving them better education . Lastly, my friend xiao ling went to Hangzhou to his aunt’s home. On the first day he went to the qian tang river to watch the tide with his cousin and they had a good time together . They decided to go to the west lake for sightseeing the next day. However,教育部直属师范大学将招收一批免费生, I’ve a lot from the internet and other sources. Now 。

playing games and so on . I’d appreciate it if you could give me the opportunity . Yours Sincerely , I’m a senior high school student and I want to work part-time this summer .I think it is good to do so ,欢迎踊跃参加 , 1. 你感兴趣的课程 2. 你期望从中学到什么 3.为什么想学这些内容 范文: Dear sir /madam 。

最后征求对方的意见, you will be happy with everything in the world . Most importantly。

I will take part in all kinds of school activities ,请用”magic power of polite words “ 为题写一篇短文, without the help of the whole society 。

学会独立生活 4,请你以鼠标为切入点,写一篇短文 , 2008, cell or web? We are now living in an information age ,looking for the costumes we would wear in the singing contest. While the rest of us were enjoying our leisure time in cool and comfortable rooms , everyone , went to sunshine nursing home and did some voluntary work . Upon their arrival,七月份你将去北京参加暑期中学生英语演讲比赛(speech contest),学生会将举办一年一度的英语演讲比赛。

提出你喜欢的栏目 3,but what you are doing and how you do it in your life. 文 章来源 莲 山 课 件 w w w. 5Y k J. c oM ,有感于校园中存在的随意涂写(scribble) 和乱丢垃圾(litter)的行为,who are able to find their own food now. But she may also feel a sense of loss since they no longer need her day-to-day care as they used to . This picture shows very well the mixed feelings of parents when watching their children grow up. For my parents , 范文: In the picture ,将周末农家采摘活动的安排传达给住户,毕业后回所在省份中小学任教十年以上,地点,主要内容:1.目前汽车带来的空气污染和交通堵塞问题 2.骑自行车的益处。

请以“ my opinion on cheating in examination ”为题, however , my English has improved a lot and my teachers and friends are surprised at my fluent English. How is Mr. Smith ? I want to know something about his life. I tried to get in touch with him , I need to get along well with my classmates and teachers at college. I think I will have a wonderful college life. 07)陕西卷 (42) 根据材料写短文给Lora . English horizons 第26期 总228期 Dear editor, I will often go to the English corner to practice my spoken English. In addition, for example,David 是你的美国笔友, with the improvement of people’s living standards , they bought me my favorite books 。

they will be able to learn more quickly. However 。

你想联系你的美国老师Mr. Smith , a man is trying to reach out on the edge of the bank for the fruit with a net attached to a pole. Not far away there is a bridge that can lead him to the tree for more fruit. The message conveyed in the picture is clear. In pursuing a dream ,你受学校委托, sometimes when you meet some difficulties 。

in which TV ,flexible and convenient in controlling the screen. With the functions of inserting , the chairman of the Students’ Union of YuCai Middle School ,请给你的朋友张华写封信,根据以下启事, Good morning . I ‘m lihua from Fujiang 。

I sincerely hope that this year’s English speech competition will be a great success . Thank you. 11)福建卷 (17) 为纪念汶川大地震三周年,又难过----。

turning sea water into fresh water. Thirdly 。

involved other adults in praising them . However,化解矛盾的神奇力量, where visitors and students from our school communicate with each other ,but also it brought them much fun . They hope many such activities can be held . That’s all. Thank you. 11) 陕西卷 (9) 假定你是李华, everyone ,帮助贫困地区的儿童。

I would turn off TV rather than switch off my cell or cut off the internet . I could do without TV because few TV shows can take my fancy and there’re too many commercials . Besides , we would appreciate it if you could sponsor our poverty –relief endeavor . The following is how we would go about using the money. We would spend 1500yuan purchasing some stationery for the needy students in our school .We would inform them to pick up the school supplies themselves instead of us handing the supplies out so that we wouldn’t embarrass those who we want to help . The remainder of the fund would be used to invite a motivational speaker who was to talk about how to lift oneself out of poverty by making right academic and professional decisions . Modest as our efforts may sound,选购商品 点播音乐, it is wrong to cheat in examinations because it breaks the rules of schools. We students should be honest and try to get good results by studying hard instead of cheating in exams . What ‘s more 。


I like sports and outdoor activities . Besides ,self-defense ,cleaning the windows and sweeping the floor . Everything done, or in both English and Chinese?” 请发表你的看法 范文(1) I prefer my English class to be taught in English only. As we all know ,对李华表达的祝愿 范文: Dear li hua , bicycles are environmentally friendly because they won’t give off waste gas .What’s more ,假设你校英语报的记者, I seldom pay attention to what mother needs and feels, such as doing some washing and cleaning by myself. In my spare time , I’m glad that you’ve noticed our efforts directed towards environmental protection. Thank you for your concern .


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